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Information on Karryn’s Prison

App name Karryn’s Prison Apk
Genre Arcade
1.29 GB
4.1 and up
Latest Mod CCMod
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3.9/5 - (50 votes)

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In Karryn’s Prison Apk, you play Karryn, the new female Chief Warden of a notoriously tolerant prison that has just revolted.

Will you subjugate the raucous inmates through power, or will you be subjugated yourself as your resistance towards their nonstop sexual advances starts dropping?

Shape yourself and the prison in the manner in which you need to with the Edicts system!

Struggle against advances with the Willpower and Desire system! Turn out to be increasingly more defenseless against sex with the Passives system!

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Gameplay Overview

Karryn’s Prison ISN’T an eroge for the eager or any individual who wants to come in for a speedy in two minutes and get off and get out.

All activities occur inside the fight system, and Karryn won’t have intercourse toward the start of the game while she’s an unpracticed virgin who has never been moved by a man.

This is not an eroge where you can download a ‘full save’ for this game and hopes to instantly access all scenes, or cause Karryn to have intercourse with the first person she meets minutes into starting the game despite the fact that she’s a finished virgin with a Level of 1.

Nothing bad can really be said about requiring something easily accessible for a speedy fap in a hot moment, there are numerous eroges in the market including our own special selection for that, yet Karryn’s Prison’s point isn’t that.

What’s New:

  1. Steam Workshop access
  2. Features an exploratory code to fix slowdowns that occur in the later waves of Endless Battles
  3. Fixed a bug with counterattacks occurring during side jobs.
  4. Added new cut-in variations for Mouth ejaculations – werewolf; Boobs petting – lizardman, orc, troll; Making out – troll, orc, lizardman.
  5. Karryn’s cockiness currently resets appropriately toward the start of New Game Plus.
  6. Fixed minor bugs.
  7. Rectified minor typos.
  8. Lovense Integration has been implemented!
  9. For Karryn’s Vaginal Sex talent, additional CG variations have been added.
  10. increased the number of optimizations for PCs with less power. Madtisa#8743 deserves credit for the code and concepts.
  11. fixed a number of CGs.
  12. fixed a number of small bugs.

Karryn’s Prison Apk Screenshots

Karryn's Prison Apk

Karryns Prison Apk

How to Install?

If you don’t have any idea how to download Karryn’s Prison Mod Apk to your device, follow the instructions underneath:

Step 1: You need to download Karryn’s Prison APK or MOD version provided below.

Step 2: Proceed to unlock unknown settings on an Android device.

Step 3: Install Karryn’s Prison_techzs.com.apk file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Then click on the icon of the game to play.

Download Karryn’s Prison Apk (MOD, Latest Version)

   Download Karryn’s Prison

For Windows & Linux | Mac | Android

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: When will the global version be released?

A: We do not have official information on the release date of the global version. The publisher has not yet informed me about this. We are following it as well as providing you with the latest information as soon as it is available.

  • Q: Will data from the Beta version be lost when the global version is released?

A: No, it will not.

  • Q: Will there be a mod version available for Karryn’s Prison Mod Apk?

A: Maybe there will be. Normally, we will release the mod version of the game after about a few weeks. However, the mods certainly only run on Private Servers.

  • Q: Can I play it on Android Emulator?

A: Yes, you can. We tried running Karryn’s Prison on Blue Stack. It worked very well.

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