Iron Blade Mod Apk v2.3.0h (Unlimited Rubies) Download

Iron Blade Mod Apk

App name Iron Blade Mod Apk
Genre Action
Size 43M
4.4 and up
Latest Mod Unlimited Rubies
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Iron Blade Mod Apk is a project cherished in the role-playing games with the context of the Middle Ages with full of magic and bold adventure. In fact, the game was tested a few months ago but only in the Philippine server, only recently officially released on both the Android and iOS platforms on a global scale.

Iron Blade Mod Apk
Iron Blade Mod Apk v2.3.0h (Unlimited Rubies) Download

The interactivity of the game is generally straightforward, intended to improve battle. Evacuating the virtual gamepad expels the move, so players won’t have to control the development (mechanized) and just care about assaulting, avoiding and protecting so well. The imaginative and straightforward ongoing interaction of Medieval Legends – guarantees that battle is magnificent.

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Iron Blade Features:


  • A demonic army of war approaches, and no castle is safe from their discord and bloodlust. This is no time to be idle! Raise your sword, become a monster hunter and fulfil the prophecy to seal them away for good!
  • Unravel a plot of intrigue and betrayal as you fight through this RPG game’s challenging story missions.
  • Explore a game world rich in lore and set in an alternate-reality fantasy Europe, full of epic warriors, discord and arcane mysteries.
  • Your RPG adventure games will take you through many awe-inspiring locations beyond any other RPG games, from a fight with Demon Knights in Notre Dame to putting vampires to the sword in a Transylvanian dungeon.


  • Everyone can enjoy the deep dungeon-crawling RPG action thanks to controls that were specially designed for a mobile game, which allows you to smoothly perform amazing chains of sword attacks in the heat of war.
  • Develop your fantasy fight style by linking up taps and swipes in the game to perform monster-hunter combos.
  • Face a fearsome variety of epic dungeon foes, each rendered from beautiful art, and brought to life with amazing game graphics, action and combat abilities.
  • Unleash deadly special-action attacks and finishing sword-moves that deliver a grizzly end to any who dare to battle against you in war.

Iron Blade Mod Apk


  • Fight with fantasy weapons and war armor that you can collect in your RPG adventure games.
  • Upgrade your monster-hunter gear to customize your fighting strengths and war style.
  • Unleash devastating spells and high-action skills on your in-game foes.


  • Establish your own epic fantasy RPG kingdom that you can fortify with a Castle.
  • Acquire and upgrade Castle Defenders of the finest lineage to fight off invaders and protect its resources from discord while you’re idle or away from the game.
  • Take action and wage war on other players’ Castle strongholds to crush their defences and loot their most valuable resources for yourself!

For fans of RPG games, action, discord, sword-swinging role-playing games, fantasy, monster-hunter knight games, building a castle, defending the lineage of a king, and RPG games that never have an idle moment.

Iron Blade Mod Apk Gameplay

Iron Blade Mod Apk opens with a genuine setting in French history when the late Philip IV King owed a colossal obligation to the “Sanctuary Knights” and needed to dispose of the obligation by murdering the association.

Philip was driven by King Baal, made France be immersed in the strides of the Hell Army. Now, you as Damian, the last enduring Knight of the association, should battle King Philip and the military of King Baal to reestablish harmony to France.

The basic battle activity will make it simple for players to make their own combo on the foe, contingent upon your style of play that will make a one of a kind blend of abilities. Fights will become alluring and addictive when you crush and demolish your adversary.

Contingent upon the kind of weapon that will have diverse battling abilities, numerous regular weapons are frequently utilized as blades, bows, and so on.

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  • ALLIANCE PERKS: Stay strong together. Being part of an Alliance now grants bonuses to rewards in Events.
  • POWER BOONS: Active Alliance members can collect short-term power increases.


  • CHAT IMPROVEMENTS: Communicate more easily than ever with messages up to 160 characters long in an easier-to-read chat, or ignore any player for 24 hours!
  • TWO NEW ARMOR SETS: Add the Ossuary and the Ironmaster sets to your armory!

Iron Blade Mod Apk Screenshots

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Final Verdict (Conclusion)

Iron Blade Mod Apk – Medieval Legends can be said to be a game with a combination of novelty between genres and if the passionate fierce fighting type should not miss this game. A great RPG with console graphics.

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Also not long line anymore, the game support for both mobile platforms are Android and iOS with the link download directly below. Note that you will need the Internet for the game to download additional data after installation.

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