House Chores Apk v0.10.1 Beta Download for Android & PC

House Chores Apk

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App name House Chores Apk
Genre Adventure
683 MB
4.1 and up
0.10.1 Beta
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In the visual novel House Chores Apk, you may follow the adventures of a young guy while he is on summer vacation.

When he starts to perceive a close friend or relative in a very different way, issues start to surface. Two unwelcome visitors barge in and further muddle this untidy summer, which is already difficult enough!

House Chores Apk
House Chores Apk v0.10.1 Beta Download for Android & PC

Can you make a fortune on your summer break? Or will you enter the academic year without any supplies?

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Gameplay Overview

The House Chores Apk Mod gameplay is fairly straightforward and simple to grasp. It’s simply up to you to sift through conversations and character interactions to find tales that happen every day. There are issues that need to be resolved, and new things will happen every day.

You occasionally have to decide for yourself during chats. You must use judgment in each of those scenarios to select a practical course of action that will provide the desired outcomes.

Each time a choice is made, the story will shift to a new path. Making those options should be carefully considered if you have your aims in mind.

In a similar manner, you will progress through a variety of storylines until the plot is resolved.

Interactive options

What distinguishes video games from movies is the ability to choose how the plot is presented to you. You may interact with the characters and make decisions in House Chores Apk Download.

The game will occasionally prompt you to react to a character’s query. The tale and your relationships will be impacted by the actions you choose.

The storyline that holds the reader’s attention centers on a college student who resides with three stunning girls. The game will center on commonplace events that might occur in a home. However, given that this is a simulator, you may anticipate some bizarre adult events to happen.

Choose Your Date

You play the role of the main character in this game, You’ll then get to meet Linda, your stepmother. There are two other stunning women, Emily and Julie.

Each of the females in the home has a unique personality, attitude, and appearance. You may select who to date and develop your relationships with each of them.

Realistic visuals

The visuals in House Chores Apk Mod have lovely backdrops and anime-like styling. Since it’s an interactive simulator, each scene seems detailed. Everything in the city, from the house to the school and other locations, is nicely planned.

Not to mention the characters’ varied facial expressions. However, the game’s seductive aesthetics, which include many erotic situations, are its main draw.

What’s New:

  • Support for the Julie TV cuddling/BJ scene was added in poor quality.
  • Unable to fade off TV music problem was fixed
  • Fixed problem that allowed you to bypass TV BJ and get to a scene
  • I’m going to keep an eye on this fix in case it wasn’t correctly fixed
  • an issue where Linda remained visible after a scene has been fixed (Android)


Beta 0.10 is here and gives a legitimate end to Emily’s (solo) storyline! This update gets the last known point of interest so keep communicating with her to see what groundbreaking thoughts she has concocted in that imaginative psyche of hers!

I had loads of fun with this update. Emily’s story turned out to be very unique in relation to how I initially imagined it yet I’m extremely content with the final product.

The plan to utilize the RPG Maker motor to investigate her imagination I think adds a touch of tomfoolery humor to the story and helps flavor things up a piece from the standard thing.

Remember, that this update is to some extent deficient however I needed to feel free to distribute the game at this point. In the following little while, I’ll deliver Beta 0.10.1 which will add the capacity to replay her scenes in the standard (nonfantasy) varieties with the custom exchange.

House Chores Apk Screenshots

House Chores Apk

How to Install?

If you don’t have any idea how to download House Chores Mod Apk to your device, follow the instructions underneath:

Step 1: You need to download House Chores APK or MOD version provided below.

Step 2: Proceed to unlock unknown settings on an Android device.

Step 3: Install the House file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Then click on the icon of the game to play.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Is House Chores Apk a free game?

A: Yes, it is. You can download and play it for free. However, there are in-app purchase options. If you want to buy something in the store, you need to pay with real money.

  • Q: When will the global version be released?

A: We do not have official information on the release date of the global version. The publisher has not yet informed me about this. We are following it as well as providing you with the latest information as soon as it is available.

  • Q: Will data from the Beta version be lost when the global version is released?

A: No, it will not.

  • Q: Will a mod version be available for House Chores Mod Apk?

A: Maybe there will be. Typically, we will release the mod version of the game after about a few weeks. However, the mods certainly only run on Private Servers.

  • Q: Can I play it on Android Emulator?

A: Yes, you can. We tried running House Chores on Blue Stack. It worked very well.

  • Q: Which are the supported platforms?

A: House Chores is only available on Android and iOS. If you want to play it on a PC, you need support from the emulators.

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