City of Broken Dreamers Apk v1.12.1 Ch. 12 (Android & PC)

City of Broken Dreamers Apk

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App name City of Broken Dreamers Apk
Genre Role Playing
1.69 GB
4.1 and up
1.12.1 Ch. 12
Latest Mod No Mod
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City of Broken Dreamers Apk, Los Angeles, 2042. A city governed by companies. A city governed by the tip-top. A city that embodies the best and most terrible of the Pursuit of happiness.

Millions carry on with their lives in practically joyful obliviousness of the abundance of the rich, or the debasement of poor people. Leaders hold more power than lawmakers, the police hold less power than corporate hired soldiers.

City of Broken Dreamers Apk
City of Broken Dreamers Apk v1.12.1 Ch. 12 (Android & PC)

You are one of those hired fighters, truly outstanding, and the tip-top level called Phantoms… in any case, you haven’t taken some work in months. That is going to change.

Somewhere else in the city, a little kid is going to turn into the focal point of contention that could destroy the city.

As you track her down you’ll have partners and foes, others like you who have been utilized by the city and let out. Who will you trust? Who might you at any point bear to?

Every one of them has their own fantasies, their own inspirations, each is broken in its own particular manner. Every last bit of it will meet up… In the City of Broken Dreamers

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Gameplay Overview

“City of Broken Dreamers Apk” will be situated in a setting that vigorously gets from the class of cyberpunk and cyberprep with a weighty portion of film noir.

Situated in future Los Angeles enterprises and media magnates overwhelm day-to-day existence. Who knows, with the ideal decisions and a little karma, you could equal break their hold over the city. Yet, don’t rely on it.

You play as a Phantom, an abundance tracker for employment. Phantoms often have the sponsorship of the rich and strong and are in this manner practically resistant to the law.

Among Phantoms, you are viewed as truly outstanding, yet behind that lies a man running from his disturbing past. Your next mark is a little kid with a covered-up and disturbing mystery. What’s more, when you face her, you’ll confront your evil presence also.

You will meet an enormous cast of characters, the two partners and foes. How you communicate with them will really depend on you. Do you keep it professional? Ditch them? Or on the other hand take them up on an evening of warm, hot, – – indeed, you get the point.

Is it true or not that you are searching for something with somewhat more edge? Where story and characters start things out? A world with a thick origin story? This will all work out in a “City of Broken Dreamers Apk”. The game will be dim, it will be fun, it will be attractive, yet above all, it will lock-in.


  • 1920 by 1080 excellent 3d delivered pictures.
  • Full 1920 by 1080 activities that run at 30 fps
  • All-encompassing plot where each decision affects how the story will unfurl
  • The completely authorized soundtrack to assist with drenching you on the planet
  • Totally discretionary collectible side game.
  • Full scene replay theater to encounter your achievements once more 🙂

City of Broken Dreamers Apk Screenshots

City of Broken Dreamers Apk

How to Install?

If you don’t have any idea how to download the City of Broken Dreamers Mod Apk to your device, follow the instructions underneath:

Step 1: You need to download the City of Broken Dreamers APK or MOD version provided below.

Step 2: Proceed to unlock unknown settings on an Android device.

Step 3: Install the City of Broken file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Then click on the icon of the game to play.

Download City of Broken Dreamers Apk Mod (Walkthrough)

   Download City of Broken Dreamers

For Windows & Linux | Mac | Android

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Is City of Broken Dreamers a free game?

A: Yes, it is. You can download and play it for free. However, there are in-app purchase options. If you want to buy something in the store, you must pay with real money.

  • Q: When will the global version be released?

A: We do not have official information on the release date of the global version. The publisher has not yet informed me about this. We are following it and providing you with the latest information as soon as it is available.

  • Q: Will data from the Beta version be lost when the global version is released?

A: No, it will not.

  • Q: Will a mod version be available for City of Broken Dreamers Mod Apk?

A: Maybe there will be. Typically, we will release the mod version of the game after about a few weeks. However, the mods certainly only run on Private Servers.

  • Q: Can I play it on Android Emulator?

A: Yes, you can. We tried running City of Broken Dreamers on Blue Stack. It worked very well.

  • Q: Which are the supported platforms?

A: City of Broken Dreamers is only available on Android and iOS. If you want to play it on a PC, you need support from the emulators.

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