Brave Frontier Mod Apk v2.19.3.0 (Unlimited Energy) Download

Brave Frontier Mod Apk

App name Brave Frontier Mod Apk
Genre Action
Size 84M
Platform 4.1 and up
Latest Mod Unlimited Energy
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Brave Frontier Mod Apk has fairly simple gameplay and is based on the classic role-playing. In each match, you will choose heroes and pets to fight. However, the game is highly tactical with a large and diverse character system.

But first of all, everyone must start by choosing a hero according to a group of elements as they wish. There are 6 elements for you to choose from including Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Dark and Light. Each element has its own weaknesses and strengths.

Brave Frontier Mod Apk
Brave Frontier Mod Apk v2.19.3.0 (Unlimited Energy) Download

At first, you can choose any character you want because it’s not so important. During the game, players can unleash new heroes and monsters. There are over 400 characters with cool animations and unique fighting skills.

Some special hero characters such as Light and Dark will be harder to collect and appear only at special events. However, some heroes are equally powerful with the ability to summon summoned beasts to bring more diverse powers.

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Brave Frontier Features:

Dual Brave Burst!

  • Are you ready for the new Brave Burst? Experience a whole new game mechanic that will tip the scales of battle in your favor. The first nine pairs of Dual Brave Burst Partners have been revealed. Join us now to find out more!

Hundreds Of Heroes. Millions Of Players. Be A Legend Now!

  • Rise up to the challenge and take on the role of powerful Summoners in this addictive, free-to-play classic JRPG hit title! The Game has more than 400 legendary heroes, mighty demigods, and majestic beasts and leads your squads to strategic victories against the Four Fallen Gods as you venture through the mythical lands of Grand Gaia and beyond!


  • Summon and expand your collection of Units, from Divine Emperors to Inferno Goddesses
  • Leverage on your Units’ Elemental Strengths & Leader Skills and form strategic squads for the different game modes and enemies
  • Fuse / evolve your Units to their higher forms to strengthen them / unlock new skills
  • Craft powerful items and Spheres to boost your Units’ powers in battle
  • Meet and recruit fan-favorite characters from other popular game titles

Brave Frontier Mod Apk


  • Strategy-oriented Turn-based Battle System with Auto-Battle option
  • Engage in intensely animated battles with/against a captivating cast of beautifully pixel-crafted characters that are inspired by Japanese manga art
  • Unleash devastating combos using the Intuitive Tap and Swipe Combat Mechanics
  • Fill up your Units’ skill gauge to launch their unique offensive / defensive Brave Bursts
  • Upgrade your Town to unlock new crafting options and craft powerful items


  • Put your skills to the test and face-off Epic bosses at PVE Trials, Raids, Frontier Hunter as well as Quests at the Vortex Dungeons
  • Compete in the PVP Arena & Colosseum and dominate the Leaderboard Rankings
  • Pit your best Brave Frontier Mod Apk squad against other online players in PVP Arena & Colosseum and dominate the Leaderboard Rankings
  • Gather/enjoy the spoils of your adventure/battles and lay claim to special Heroes and rare items!


  • Explore Grand Gaia and discover new worlds through more than 500 story-driven missions
  • Uncover compelling story arcs and legendary sagas of heroes and gods. The plot is thickening as their fates are intertwined!


  • Join forces with fellow Summoners for co-op game modes, to farm rare materials to craft powerful items and spheres
  • Connect with millions of players across the globe for more reinforcement options and Honor Points
  • Form / join a guild and forge strong camaraderie with fellow Summoners. Contribute to the Guild to help bring it to greater heights to obtain Guild-exclusive rewards, heroes and skills
  • Participate in Guild Raids and fight for honor and glory to be the Top Ranking Guilds
  • Discuss strategies with participating Guild members real-time during Guild Raids using Guild Chat

Will you rise to the challenge and go down in Grand Gaia history as a legend? Join forces with millions of Summoners on your most epic journey yet!

Brave Frontier Mod Apk Gameplay

Brave Frontier Mod Apk battles are somewhat similar to Stick War: Legacy in terms of gameplay. In each battle, you will control your army to fight against the enemy. Each match can only bring up to 5 heroes with pets. After defeating the enemy, to complete the mission, you must defeat the bosses.

More than 100 quests need to be completed through a turn-based battle system. There are many ferocious monsters like Mad God Zebra, Cardes the Malevolent and God of Decay Zurg.

Brave Burst is an interesting feature. This feature has an unexpected effect on each match. It can unleash a damaging attack and bring the enemy into a state of disadvantage. Others help boost indicators and recover blood for the entire team.

However, you must upgrade them if you want to be effective and the process takes a lot of time. But when you have enough upgrades, you will have Super Brave Burst with incredible power.

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  • Samurai Champloo Collaboration
  • 6th Anniversary Celebration!
  • New Interactive Banners
  • Bug Fixes

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Brave Frontier Mod Apk

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Final Verdict (Conclusion)

Overall, Brave Frontier is a role-playing game with a completely new mechanism. The game has a lot of things for you to explore and play for hours every day without feeling depressed. You can download the game via the link below the article.

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“Brave Frontier Mod Apk provides a variety of RPG elements we’ve come to know and love.” –
“Brave Frontier definitely has its sights set on giving mobile gamers nostalgic feelings of the JRPGs of bygone days.” – Gamezebo

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